Omega City Stories is an erotic science fiction/fantasy photographic comic book series created in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and set in an alternate reality where the US extends north of the 50th parallel and Canada ends at the edge of the Canadian shield. It's a world filled with heroes, villains, regular citizens, and well-meaning activists, all unaware of the destiny they are being pulled towards.

In the style of series like the Trigun anime, Omega City Stories starts off with little backstory and campy and kinky plots. As the series progresses more of this strange new world will be explained and the underlying story arc will be revealed. We guarantee that it will be a deep, compelling story along with some very hot and erotic imagery to tickle your brain and other interesting parts of your body!

Who We Are

We are a team of makeup artists, costumers, and models led by independent writer & photographer nicheng.

You can learn more about us at our official Omega City Stories Facebook page.

You can also follow @MallofErotica on Twitter to where we tweet about Omega City news

How can I get involved with Omega City?

We're always looking for the following:

  • Interesting people (18+) who would like to be a part of the series. No experience necessary and all genders, body types, and fetishes welcome!
  • Interesting spaces to shoot in
  • Props, costumes, and vehicles

We are seeking local individuals and businesses who support the Manitoban erotica scene and would be willing to lend, donate, or cheaply rent props, costumes, and shooting locations to help us achieve our goals.

In exchange for your support we offer the following rewards:

  • A full page ad, half-page ad, or mention in the sponsors section of the comic, depending on availability and the size of contribution!
  • Free ad banner placement on and for one month after the comic goes live!
  • A permanent link on the "Sponsors" page (coming soon) at!
  • An electronic copy of the finished comic, and (depending on availability) a physical copy of larger ones!

If you'd like more information or want to participate, contact nicheng at nicheng!

Our comics have already been seen by hundreds of people from around the world, and that number is only going to grow! Be a part of the phenomena that is Omega City at the ground floor!