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Name: Cantonessa
Real Name: Unknown
Ethnicity: Black (Country of Origin Unknown)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120lbs
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Powers: None, but possesses extreme intelligence and ingenuity.
Current Status: At large
Portrayed by: Sisi (2014)


Little is known of the mysterious Cantonessa. She appeared in 2009 with a small group of henchmen under her control robbing museums and art galleries around the world and issuing politically-charged statements.

In 2010 she succeeded in repeatedly hacking into every major television stream on the planet to spout her anti-western rhetoric. When superheroine PowerChick attempted to track her down, Cantonessa set a trap and using her brilliant technical abilities managed to humiliate and unmask PowerChick on live TV.

Since PowerChick's capture, Cantonessa has stepped her campaign of propaganda shows and robberies and authorities are still unable to track her or even determine what country she operates out of.


PowerChick: Destablized

PowerChick: Destablized

When superheroine PowerChick goes after the mysterious Cantonessa she finds herself at the villainess' mercy on live TV.


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