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Name: Pink Pantser
Real Name: Unknown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Powers: Mostly unknown, can imitate most people's voices
Current Status: At large
Portrayed by: Qianna


The Pink Pantser started off as an urban legend in Omega City in late 2009 when on several occasions the press were called to the homes and offices of wealthy and corrupt citizens, only to find the victim tied up nude and with evidence of their malfeasance in plain sight. The victims claimed they were attacked by a pink catsuit-clad assailant but no physical evidence was ever found and most people dismissed the claims as cover stories for kinky encounters gone bad.

When CEO Cynthia Coldwall was attacked and exposed by the Pink Pantser in 2010, she used her political pull with Omega City mayor Samantha Dawg to force an anti-vigilante law to be passed in order to force the police to capture the vigilante.

One signature of the Pink Pantser is that she always steals the panties worn by her female victims; leading some to speculate that she has a panty fetish.


Pink Dawn

Pink Dawn

Corrupt CEO Cynthia Coldwall is visited by a mysterious (and slightly perverted) pink-clad vigilante

The Pink Pantser

The Pink PantserĀ Under Development

Omega CIty mayor Samantha Dawg teams up with two heroines to set a trap for the elusive Pink Pantser.


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