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Name: PowerChick
Real Name: Genevive LeMarche
Occupation: Graduate Student
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110lbs
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Powers: Power blast, power shield, invulnerability, slowed aging, flight
Current Status: Slave of Cantonessa
Portrayed by: Leya


Genevive LeMarche is the eldest daughter of North Dakota state senator LeMarche. While doing graduate research related to metamaterials a freak laboratory accident created three small red stones. Touching the largest she became imbued with incredible powers and decided to serve Omega City as the masked superheroine PowerChick, working for the mysterious superhero organization known as HR.

With the rise of the Cantonessa, PowerChick took it upon herself to try and capture the elusive villainess, often against the wishes of HR management. Finally severing ties with HR in early 2010, PowerChick coordinated with the US Army to track Cantonessa, but it ultimately proved to be a trap, and she was depowered, captured, stripped, and unmasked on live TV by Cantonessa.

PowerChick's current whereabouts are unknown, but rumours are that Cantonessa is using her as a sexual servant for her men as well as a personal plaything for herself.




PowerChick takes a day off for a run in the woods, only to encounter danger when a nature sprite is corrupted by dark forces.

PowerChick: Destablized

PowerChick: Destablized

When superheroine PowerChick goes after the mysterious Cantonessa she finds herself at the villainess' mercy on live TV.

Art Heist

Art HeistĀ Under Development

Cantonessa Robs a Museum


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