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Featuring Sisi as Cantonessa, Leya as PowerChick

For months the mysterious terrorist known as "Cantonessa" has been hacking into every transmission on the planet to broadcast her anti-Western propaganda. While the world governments search in vain, PowerChick uses her advanced technology to track down Cantonessa's secret lair and proceeds to confront the villainess.

Unfortunately for PowerChick, Cantonessa has a few tricks up her sleeve and quickly renders our heroine powerless and at her mercy. With backup minutes away can PowerChick stall long enough to save the day or will Cantonessa completely defeat and humiliate her while the entire world watches?

Starring Winnipeg models Sisi and Leya. Includes two bonus pages of behind-the-scenes photos. Shot and created in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Price: $8.99 USD

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