Get a free preview of our lesbian encounter photoset!

Encounters Preview

Above is a free sample of an upcoming photoset! Full-Sized Preview Here! ยป

Our Next Comic FREE Preview Photo!

We've been recruiting models and locating venues all getting ready to produce our next free comic for you!

This past weekend we shot a series of photos that will play an integral part of our upcoming free comic, Welcome to the Dawg House. In this story we'll be introduced to Omega City mayor Samantha Dawg who will be a recurring character throughout the series.

We have the models, we have the story, and now we're just tracking down a venue to shoot in. If all goes well we hope to be shooting Dawg House within the next few weeks. And like Incursion, it's going to be completely free!

Our photoset features the lovely KawaiiDoll and curvacious beauty Terra working together for the first time! And yes, they both get completely naked! If you haven't clicked on the picture above to get the full-sized preview, then what are you waiting for? The photoset will be released the same time as the comic.

Website Updates

When Welcome to the Dawg House goes live we'll be releasing a full version of our website with model profiles, character information, and upcoming title listings! We look forward to you checking us out when we're live!

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