15 people, one big studio, heat stroke, pains and rewards: one crazy six hours!

It was an ambitious plan. Likely too ambitious. But on Friday, July 24th, two makeup artists/costumers, secondary photographer Trevor, 15 models and I descended upon Aspire Studios in Winnipeg for a six-hour marathon photoshoot in which we would try to shoot three full comics, and the first scene of an upcoming larger comic.

It was insanely hot in the non-air conditioned studio and we were off to a late start, but we shot our first comic (Welcome to the Dawg House) in around two hours. Requiring the same set, we shot one of the first scenes for an upcoming big comic, then moved to a smaller room at Aspire to shoot Pink Dawn. I didn't realize it while shooting, because it was so intense and I was struggling to stay on schedule, but I was developing a rather nasty case of heat stroke.

The Deputy Mayor is shown what dirt the Mayor as on her from Welcome to the Dawg House

With the first 2 (and a bit) comics done, we turned our attention to a short comic to act as a sequel to PowerChick: Destablized entitled Art Heist. Unfortunately for us, Sisi, the model who played the villainess Cantonessa in the first comic was no longer available. A fellow photographer found me a replacement, but she ended up having to leave town three days before the shoot. Model Leya (who played PowerChick) found a friend willing to step up, but she ended up not showing up at the studio. With my head pounding from the heat stroke and only an hour of rental time left in the studio, we weren't able to try and rework the script without Cantonessa so we had to postpone shooting that comic, much to the disappointment of the 8 or so models who would have appeared (including our first nude male model!).

So now begins the long post-production phase of the comics. I'm hoping to have them both released along with the omegacitystories.com website before or early in the new year. Stay tuned for details!

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