We're going to crowdfund our next comic! What rewards do you want?

Hello our wonderful fans of Omega City!

We've been busy the past several months at Omega City recruiting more models and developing more storylines (we're up to 30!).

Our next big comic is The Pink Pantser, which takes place directly after the events of Pink Dawn and Welcome to the Dawg House, our most recent (and FREE) comics. This comic will be so big, however, that we're going to need a crowdfunding campaign to make it happen!

Before we create our campaign, however, I wanted to ask our loyal readers about rewards.

For those you familiar with crowdfunding campaigns, the more you pledge the more you get. For example, if you pledge the minimum amount you'll get an electronic copy of the finished comic. If you pledge the next step you, you get a physical copy, and the next step after that a signed physical copy, etc. Beyond that though, we're not really sure what would appeal as rewards to our readers to entice them to provide more support than the minimum.

So I'm going to ask you all directly: What would you like to receive as a reward in exchange for pledging to create a comic?

Some ideas we've seen used in other campaigns are additional photos from the shoot, personalized photos or videos from specific models, paraphernalia from the shoot, even the ability to come out to Winnipeg and have dinner with the full cast!

Let us know. Reply to this message (or email me directly at nicheng@malloferotica.com) with what you think would be a great reward to receive and it just might show up on our crowdfunding project!

Thanks for your help,


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